Permission Matters in Demolition 

Demolition sites always have a bad reputation for being eyesore, noisy and undesirable. But it could also be fun and exciting to others because brand new structure is on the way, clearing the way for possibly a new business premises or public facility.  


Also, we can’t deny the fact that demolition plays a major part in creating a more environmental friendly and healthier cities we will know in the future. However, building demolition requires a thorough planning it is not instantly done. Every building demolition must have proper planning permission. Project can go twisted in a snap if proper permission is not acquired. 

Ecology is one of the main reasons why planning permission is significant before demolition. When a demolition project in a certain area will create chaos and cause significant damage to the eco system the demolition permit can be denied. This only means prior to granting planning permission a survey reports should be carried out to make sure that the development of protected species won’t be affected. One of the best examples is the habitat of bats, many of their species are protected and can be in most of the development sites. In this case, it is important that proper planning permission is sought after this is only to ensure no one will accidentally encroach and harm their roosting grounds. 

Historical Importance is another key reason as to why planning permission matters. Many buildings, like those Victorian homes being demolished in London without planning permission are considered illegally demolished houses and is said to be rebuilt brick by brick. It happened due to poor explanation provided by the owners and due to the fact that the properties themselves were considered a historical interest after surviving bombing during the Second World War. 

Also, one of the most significant reasons as to why planning permission is essential to building demolition Chicago is safety. If the building concerned is located in a densely inhabited area there is a chance that pedestrian or residents could be put in danger during demolition activities. In the same way, if the building concerned has stored hazardous chemicals, dangerous items, then this could also harm people especially to those in close proximity. Therefore, if there is a chance that building demolition project may compromise the safety and wellbeing of people in the area it is a must to seek out planning permission. 

Furthermore, there should always be a detailed plan, it is vital to have this in place detailing what needs to be demolished and what structures need to stay. Unintended building demolition can be avoided if there is a clear agreement and proper planning permission. 

Of all the instances mentioned proper planning permission should not be considered as a hindrance or obstacle to any demolition project, but rather a safety and preventative measure in order not to harm anyone during the process of demolition. It is compulsory that before starting any demolition projects the safety of the people and any protected species living in that particular area should be prioritized. 

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