Common Problems of Air Conditioning System 

There are few cases that are your top priority for HVAC and air conditioning problems, especially in the winter or spring time. Before your air conditioning unit fails or before you badly need it for the upcoming hot summer months, make sure that you already made a call to a professional and licensed air conditioning service provider in order to set an appointment for a regular maintenance check. 

Air Conditioning System

The following are some of the most common problems of an air conditioning system: 

  1. A fan is not operating.

You turn the air conditioning unit on, however, you notice that it doesn’t seem to be operating well, so you decide to take a glance at your air conditioning system and see that its fan is not turning. The fan is basically responsible for transferring the heat from your house to the outdoors. When the fan is not moving at all, it is already a sign that there is something wrong within the system of your air conditioning unit. You should then turn off your air conditioning system and contact your professional and highly reputable air conditioning service provider immediately for help. Making an attempt to operate your air conditioning unit while the fan is damaged may result in damaging the compressor or overheating the unit. 

  1. A unit is not staying on or turning on.

This could be a cause of some few problems including faulty thermostat, overheating, a problem with the air conditioning coils, clogged filter, or faulty wiring. Most of these problems are very complicated to look for and need the help of a well-experienced and highly skilled HVAC expert to fix it. As a matter of fact, you can also check the filter and the coils for issues. 

  1. Air conditioner does not blow cool air.

This can be caused by several numbers of reason. If the air conditioning unit does not blow cool air, it might already a sign of some bigger issues. As soon as you notice this kind of issue, do not hesitate to call for the assistance of a professional HVAC service provider to check out and fix the problem. 

  1. Evaporator coils freeze.

Frozen coils may be a sign of other problems within the air conditioning system. Check to ensure that your filter has been replaced recently and isn’t clogged with dirt or dust. Low refrigerant of clogged duct work may also cause frozen coils. If you’re unable to locate the main cause of the issue, you might need the assistance of an HVAC expert. 

  1. Circuit breaker always get stripped.

When your circuit breaker gets tripped, it is probably because the energy that is received by the unit is larger than what is safe. Furthermore, a circuit breaker actually works in order to prevent damage from the power surge which may be caused by low refrigerant, clogged oils or filter, or faulty wiring. 

The proper maintenance, as well as care of your wires, refrigerant, coils, and filter is very important to a functioning HVAC or air conditioning system.  

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