Should You be Concerned About Asbestos in Your Siding?

When you are planning to have a new home, it is very simple to get caught up or attracted in the physical beauty of the house. However, it is very essential to be aware of a home’s internal characteristics which can’t be noticed in one simple inspection by a human eye. One primary invisible factor may include the existence of asbestos in your house. An environmental security agency banned the usage of asbestos in the year 1989 however, it still continues to be present in older houses in some countries. Should you be alarmed? If so, what methods should you take?

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What is an Asbestos?

An asbestos is a mineral-like element which comes together in the form of fiber. As a matter of fact, its properties were desirable since it was resistant to electricity, chemical corrosion or fire and also, provided with great insulation. In addition to that, it usually mixed into the siding materials such as cement in order to make them even more durable and stronger. Considered to be one of the best shield protectors for your house, asbestos was also a profitable and very helpful material for your business. Unluckily, the health risks accompanied with asbestos would not be known until much sooner.

Health Hazards Associated with Asbestos

After several construction crew workers came down with severe health problems, professional medical practitioners finally associated their health conditions to long-term exposures to asbestos. Furthermore, long-term exposure to the fibers of asbestos can actually lead to respiratory-related diseases such as:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Asbestosis – A lung disease which developed from direct inhalation of asbestos fibers which puts you at great risk for mesothelioma.
  • Mesothelioma
  • A tumor which outlines vital organs such as lungs, stomach as well as heart.
  • An environmental security agency banned usage of asbestos in houses in the year 1989 however, its toxic and health hazardous properties remain a big health concern up to now.

Should Homeowners be Alarmed?

Everybody at some point in time has actually been exposed to the dangerous asbestos because of its existence in natural elements on Earth. But if your house has asbestos siding, it’s unlikely that you’ll also be exposed to some major health issues. According to an environmental security agency, exposure may only happen when the asbestos-containing element is damaged or disturbed in a way to release fibers as well as particles into the air, making it airborne and more dangerous.

As an alternative, there are some common practices of layering asbestos in some form of siding to decrease the impact or effect of asbestos to your health. If it still bothers you, it is very important to consult everything you do not know to a professional and certified asbestos expert for other safe options. Royal siding is actually a high-quality partner to determine longevity and safety of your house to give you some peace of mind. However, if you have doubts or questions in mind, do not hesitate to call the professionals for more knowledge and advices especially if you need siding replacement.